GDPR Fundamentals

GDPR Principles

GDPR Consent Principle

Is the following statement True or False:
For GDPR, organisations need to get permission from individuals before collecting their data.

Consent is a crucial aspect of GDPR compliance. Organizations need to get clear permission from individuals before collecting or using their data. Individuals have the right to say no and can withdraw their consent at any time. A good example of this is when you log onto a website and accept the cookie policy.
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GDPR Transparency Principle

Which of the following is a GDPR transparency requirement?

To meet GDPR transparency requirements, organizations must provide individuals with comprehensive information about the collection, use and sharing of their data.
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GDPR Accountability Principle

Is the following statement True or False:
Once consent is given for data collection, it's ok to share that information with ANY third-party

Organizations must only share data with sub-processors if sufficient guarantees can be provided that data protection measures are in-place and meet the rigour of GDPR requirements. This needs to be written in a contract and individuals must be notified of this data processing relationship.
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The rights of individuals protected by GDPR

Which of the following is NOT a GDPR right provided to individuals

Individuals can exercise their rights to access, rectify, restrict processing, and request the erasure or portability of their personal data However, under the GDPR individuals don't need to be financially compensated for any revenue derived from sharing of their personal data.
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Wrapping up