Cyber Security Best Practices for Government

Why is cyber security so important for government?

As an employee at a government institution, you likely have numerous duties related to maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive data. This includes handling classified material and personally identifiable information. This information is highly sought after by cyber criminals and adversaries.
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The importance of data security

Is the following statement True or False:
Classifying data is only important if you have spare time to do it.

Consistency is a key requirement of a strong data security practice. We need to ensure that all data we come across has the appropriate classifications. Once classified, we can then ensure the appropriate security controls are applied which outline how the data should be handled and ultimately destroyed when no longer needed.
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What is NOT a way to secure a government institution against cyber attacks?

Passwords should never be stored in plaintext but if they are, they should be secured in a safe. All other listed options are valid ways to secure government institutions against cyber attacks.
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Staying cyber safe

What is an example of a strong password?

Strong passwords are long passwords and ones that a human or computer would not easily guess. It is best to use special characters, upper and lower case plus numbers and letters. Avoid using obvious passwords like sequential numbers or lazy passwords such as "password" or "qwerty". These are common passwords which are easily cracked or guessed.
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What is an example of using caution online?

Being wary of suspicious emails is a text-book example of using caution online. You should always be on the lookout for potential phishing scams designed to masquerade as a company or someone you know. They could have the intent to steal your personal information or infect your device with malware.
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From a security standpoint, why should you always keep your devices up to date?

Whilst keeping your devices and software up-to-date will give you the added bonus of new features, from a security standpoint, the key reason to update is to ensure you have the latest security patches applied. By staying up-to-date, known vulnerabilities will be fixed and your devices will be safer to use.
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Learn how to spot the phish

Begin the Guided Tour Look out for urgency in email subjects, fraudulent sender addresses or requests to perform an action.

Goals of cyber security

Why is Multi-Factor Authentication important?

What is an example of Multi-Factor Authentication?

One-time passwords can be generated and sent to the user's cellular device via SMS. The correct user must be in possession of the device that receives/ generates the one-time password to access the system.
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Wrapping up