What is Physical Security?

What is Physical Security?

Physical security refers to the protection of people, assets, and facilities from physical threats such as burglars, vandals, and even hackers.
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Protection Methods

Which of the following is NOT a physical security control?

Network security is in a different domain to physical security. Permiter security, access control and surveillance are all examples of physical security controls.
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Privacy Considerations

Liability Considerations

Cyber Security Considerations

When implementing physical security controls, what should you consider?

When implementing physical security controls, you should always consider the privacy, liability and cyber security implications that the controls may have.
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Operationalising Security

Is the following statement True or False:
Policies and procedures when it comes to physical security is non-essential.

It's highly recommended to ensure any physical security controls have accompanying policies and procedures. Without these, physical security controls have a tendency to relax over time and in some cases become completely inoperable.
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Wrapping up