What Are Social Media Scams?

Types of Social Media Scams

Can you spot the social media scam?

A message advising you've won a prize but need to pay a small shipping fee is the scam. Fraudsters lure victims in with the promise of a non-existent prize, which is just a tactic to extract financial information or money.
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What is the main goal of phishing scams on social media?

The main goal of phishing scams on social media is to trick users into giving away sensitive information. Scammers craft fake messages or posts, impersonating legitimate companies or acquaintances, to lure victims into clicking on malicious links. These links lead to fraudulent websites designed to steal personal data, such as login credentials and financial information.
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How do scammers use impersonation or identity theft on social media?

Scammers use impersonation or identity theft on social media by creating fake accounts or hacking into existing ones to pretend to be someone the victim trusts. This could be a friend, family member, or public figure. They use this assumed identity to solicit money, spread malware, or gather sensitive personal information.
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Businesses Use Social Media

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How Can You Avoid Social Media Scams?

Which of the following is a telltale sign of a social media scam?

An urgent request for action in an unsolicited message is a common sign of a social media scam. Scammers often create a sense of urgency to prompt quick decisions, such as claiming that your account will be closed unless you act immediately or offering a limited-time reward.
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How can adjusting your privacy settings on social media help protect against scams?

Adjusting your privacy settings on social media to limit the public visibility of your personal information helps protect you against scams. By limiting who can view your posts, access your personal information, and contact you, you can reduce the risk of scammers exploiting your information to create convincing scams or steal your identity.
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