Cyber Best Practices for Small Businesses

What is cyber security?

Cyber security measures are put in place to protect computers, networks, and data from online threats. These collective measures include technical controls such as antivirus software and non-technical measures such as training and education.
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What is NOT a way to secure a small business against cyber attacks.

There is no silver bullet or "fix all" solution to protect your business against cyber attacks. Keeping your systems up to date, using strong passwords and creating regular backups are all great steps to reduce your risk of a cyber attack.
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Goals of cyber security

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

What is an example of Multi-Factor Authentication?

One-time passwords can be generated and sent to the user's cellular device via SMS. The correct user must be in possession of the device that receives/ generates the one-time password to access the system.
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Which of the following is NOT a type of cyber threat small businesses might face?

Whilst physical threats are real dangers to businesses, they are less common than cyber threats facing businesses such as phishing scams, malware and unsecured networks
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Education is key when securing your business from cyber attacks.

Is the following statement True or False:
It is my companies responsibility to make sure I don't receive or click on suspicious emails

Whilst your company may use advanced techincal methods to try detect and stop suspicious emails, the reality is that some will get through. It is your responsibility to call on your training and use caution when a suspicious email comes your way.
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Learn how to spot the phish

Begin the Guided Tour Look out for urgency in email subjects, fraudulent sender addresses or requests to perform an action.

What can I do as an individual to do my bit to secure my employer?

Whilst all of the options may be good ideas, learning to spot phishing emails and reporting them to your IT team is how you can help your employer. By doing this, you are part of the defence against threats.
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Protecting your company from cyber criminals is a team effort.